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We are a place where the LGBTQ+ community can add, rate, and review their health and wellness providers to help other others. With QSPACES you can: 

Together, we can create an amazing resource to improve LGBTQ+ health and find the care we deserve.


LGBTQ+ Health Equity Now!

1 in 5

LGBTQ+ people have had negative experiences with their healthcare providers


of LGBTQ+ people reported doctors or providers had been physically rough or abusive


of trans people of color were refused care because of their actual or perceived gender identity

1 in 3

LGBTQ+ people avoid going to the doctor due to fear of discrimination.

How it Works

QSPACES is a health and wellness directory for the LGBTQ+ community to discover friendly and affirming providers.

Provider and organization listings are sorted by specialties, tags, and geographical location. 

We encourage LGBTQ+ people to leave written reviews and 1-5 star ratings of their experiences with each provider they have visited. 

Reviews and ratings posted on QSPACES can be seen by other users. All users can look through the listings and read about other people’s experiences so they can make better healthcare decisions.

Additionally, providers and organizations can claim and enhance their listing with about sections, photos, and more information. Featured listings can get a boost in search results. Learn more here. 

And QSPACES isn’t just a directory. We also have an event calendar where users can post and find LGBTQ+ health and wellness events. 


Things to Note


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QSPACES is a passion project. Please consider a small donation to help us continue this important work (or buy Cat a coffee).

You can also support us by telling your friends and providers about QSPACES and encouraging them to also leave ratings and reviews. 

Thank you so much for your support! 

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It may take awhile to get a lot of ratings and reviews. So we added 300 providers who self-identify as LGBTQ+ friendly to get us started. 

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