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You’re probably here because you are worried about how you will be treated by healthcare providers as a LGBTQ-identified person, and rightfully so.

Many of us have experienced discomfort, discrimination, and abuse at the hands of healthcare providers. We hate that for you, for all of us. And we know the relief and joy of connecting with a doctor that is affirming and welcoming. 

That’s why we built QSPACES, to help each other find LGBTQ+ friendly, affirming, and competent healthcare.

QSPACES works like Yelp–it is powered by us and our contributions. We add providers, ratings, and reviews to share with others who are also looking for healthcare.

LGBTQ+ Health Equity Now!

We deserve to be treated with Dignity, respect, and understanding. 

LGBTQ+ discrimination leads to delays in care and poor health outcomes.

Compared to the rest of the population, LGBTQ+ people experience higher rates of disease, mental illness, and other outcomes, like mental health disorder, cervical and breast cancer, heart and cardio vascular disease, depression, alcoholism and tobacco use, suicide, and serious psychological distress. 

And think about people with intersecting identities! Discrimination is even higher among transgender and nonbinary people, those with a disability, and people of color.

1 in 3 transgender people had to teach their doctors about trans issues to receive appropriate care.

Center for American Progress

1 in 4 LGBTQ+ people have experienced discrimination in the past year.


More than half of LGBTQ+ people reported being discriminated against by a healthcare provider.

Lamda Legal


Catherine / Cat Hofmann

When I moved to Philadephia in 2015, I had to find a new primary care provider, therapist, and psychiatrist. They needed to be LGBTQ+ friendly and competent because I had experienced discrimination, doubt, and shame in the past because of my sexual orientations and gender presentation. 

I didn’t know anybody so I turned to a queer Facebook group for recommendations. But there had to be a better and safer way to share and store recommendations – like Yelp! So, why not build an app? After 2 false starts I just built it myself using no- and low-code tools. It’s not perfect and it was fucking hard, but it’s here!

I was born and raised in Indiana, spent 10 years in North Carolina, then moved to West Philadelphia in 2015. I’ve worked in food & bev, manufacturing, non-profits, and with a lot of artists, designers, and makers. My “real” job is Hellcat Studio, an independent design and consulting company but QSPACES’ success is my personal mission. 

I hope QSPACES helps you find the healthcare you deserve.

Take care,


Many thanks to those who have helped QSPACES along the way: Nic Anthony (co-founder), Jefferson Innovation, Thomas Jefferson University, Carter, Erica Smith, Andy Spiers, Milkcrate, Lars Stephenson, Julie Lipson, Cameron McConkey, the Independence Business Alliance, Kelsey Thomas, and so many more.

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