March marked the fifth annual Bisexual Health Awareness Month, a campaign hosted by the Bisexual Resource Center (BRC).

In honor of the occasion, BRC has posted a variety of articles about the health disparities faced by members of the bisexual+ community and ways that non-bisexual+ people can support the community. One such article focuses on allyship and serves as a great resource for care providers, community members, and anyone who is curious about being a better ally to bisexual+ people.

BRC lists several important ways to be an ally to a bisexual+ person:

  • Believe that we exist
  • Accept our sexual identities without reservation

  • Respect our relationships equally, whatever style we choose

  • Speak out against biphobia and bi+ erasure in your everyday life

  • Celebrate our bi+ culture

  • Accept our choice of label, as well as the wide variety of non-monosexual labels

  • Read up

  • Remember that one person cannot be representative of all

Some of these are especially important in healthcare settings, such as acceptance of identities and reading more about bisexual+ communities. As providers become more aware of the disparities that bisexual+ people face, they are better able to provide better and more specific care to these patients.

You can access the BRC resource here:

You can read more about bisexual+ health disparities in the Movement Advancement Project’s 2016 report here: