“Wellness Means Holistic Care”

Libby Parker, MSS, LSW is an outpatient therapist and the manager of Einstein Health’s Pride Program. Founded in 2015, the Pride Program is located in Philadelphia and offers the LGBTQ community professional and safe access to OBGYN, mental health, psychiatry, surgical and hormone therapy services. Libby acts as the first point of contact for the program, including answering questions regarding hormone therapy and gender affirming top surgery. They also coordinate the monthly OBGYN clinic, provide outpatient therapy, and perform ad hoc case management for LGBTQ identified patients. They graciously took time out of their schedule to share some thoughts with Carter, a member of the QSPACES team.

Question: What is a common barrier to care that you help clients navigate?

LGBTQ people face discrimination and poverty at disproportionate rates. Suppose you are able to make an appointment with a great, LGBTQ-competent healthcare provider; do you have transportation to get there? What about childcare? Do you feel safe walking from the train station to the hospital? Do you feel safe walking around the hospital?  

In order to provide quality care, my work must be tailored to meet the unique needs and experiences of the people I am so fortunate to serve.  I strive to help our clients navigate everything from starting therapy, to finding low- or no-cost modes of transportation to see their providers. Wellness means holistic care.

For more information, please visit https://www.einstein.edu/pride-program.