Frequently Asked Questions

No, QSPACES does not screen or recommend providers. 

It’s difficult to verify that a provider is LGBTQ+ friendly. For example, a doctor could be wonderful with one segment of the LGBTQ+ community but not with another, or lack competency in a specific area, like trans health. So we thought it best to create a place for ratings and reviews so you can make a more informed decision. 

The contents of this site are for informational purposes only. Please use your best judgement when choosing a health or wellness provider. Please see the Terms of Use for more information. 


Yes! We encourage providers to add themselves and let their patients know about their QSPACES listing. 

They can add a free basic listing or upgrade to a paid Claimed or Featured listing to add more information and promote their practice. 

See our Providers page for more information. 

We will never disclose or share your information to anyone. Ever. 

We ask you to create a username when you create an account. All other personal and demographic data is optional, but we think it’s nice when users have the basics like gender and sexual orientation so that your reviews have more context. It also helps us understand who is using QSPACES and how we can make it better.  

You can find more information in the Terms of Use.

If your listing has a mistake in the basic profile (address, gender, pronouns, categories, tags, or languages), please go to the listing page and click “Report an Issue” at the bottom of the page. 

Providers and Practices can upgrade to paid listings at any time. You can find more information and pricing on the Providers page.

Paid listings are enhanced with about sections, videos, images, and more… plus it supports QSPACES!

QSPACES will always be free to users. Some features will require creating an account, like adding ratings, reviews, and providers. 

Healthcare providers can purchase listing packages to verify and enhanced their listing. See more on our Providers page

We apologize in advance it if takes some time to respond to you. It’s just Cat working on this right now. We’re doing our best! 

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Provider Listing Packages

We offer 3 types of Provider Listings: Basic (free), Claimed, and Featured.