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QSPACES is a community platform where LGBTQ+ folks can add their providers, leave ratings and reviews, and search for other providers. It’s like Yelp, but for us. 

Health Equity Now!

1 in 3 transgender people had to teach their doctors about trans issues to receive appropriate care.

Center for American Progress

1 in 4 LGBTQ+ people have experienced discrimination in the past year.


More than half of LGBTQ+ people reported being discriminated against by a healthcare provider.

Lamda Legal

We deserve friendly, competent, and affirming healthcare!

LGBTQ+ discrimination leads to delays in care and poor health outcomes. Compared to the rest of the population, LGBTQ+ people experience higher rates of disease, mental illness, and other outcomes, including

Mental Health Disorders • Cervical Cancer • Breast Cancer • Heart and Cardiovascular Disease • Depression • Alcoholism • Tobacco Use • Suicide + Suicidal Ideation • Serious Psychological Distress • …and more 

And think about people with intersecting identities! Discrimination is higher than average among transgender and nonbinary people, those with a disability, and people of color.


How It Works

A free community-built directory

mutual aid

Adding providers, ratings, and reviews helps other LGBTQ+ people make more informed decisions when choosing healthcare providers.

Share QSPACES with your friends, community, and providers to continue building out this resource. Together, we can create a robust directory of amazing health and wellness providers.

THings to Note

The listings, ratings, and reviews are community-generated so please use your best judgement when selecting a provider. 

– We do not recommend or screen providers. 

– We are not healthcare professionals and do not give medical or healthcare advice.

– We do not contact healthcare providers on behalf of a user, patient, or client. 


Not all states and cities have providers – QSPACES depends on the community to add providers. 

To help us grow, add providers, tell your friends, and share QSPACES with your providers.

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Hey Providers!

Manage your online reputation, stand out from other provides, and connect with LGBTQ+ patients actively seeking care. 

By claiming and enhancing your listing you can grow your practice and help LGBTQ+ patients find the care they need. 

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