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Hey there, 

I want to share my story with you: 

QSPACES is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s been 5 years since I’ve started but I can’t give up. Every day I see you asking for healthcare recommendations, expressing worry and concern, trying to raise funds, and supporting others. It breaks my heart. And I’ve been there.

In 2015 I moved to Philly from North Carolina and started all over–including healthcare. I needed a psychiatrist for Bipolar II and ADD medications, primary care for all the things, gynecologist for checkups and PCOS management, therapist for my mental health… and like most of you, I was worried.

Homophobic and LGBTQ+ incompetent providers cause lasting harm – misdiagnosis, intrusive and inappropriate questions and procedures, hostility and refusal of care, and a lifetime of distrust. I didn’t get good healthcare before and didn’t expect better here. 

My then-wife was in med school at Jefferson and they were having a healthcare startup competition. We introduced a “Yelp for LGBTQ+ healthcare”. I went to pitch competitions only to hear white straight men tell me this wasn’t an issue, that the “LGBTQ+ market isn’t big enough”, and I didn’t have the tech skills (true).

Five years, 2 apps, and a lot of money later, I am starting over, again.

The first app didn’t even make it off the ground and the company that built it closed down. It was infuriating and humiliating. The second app was built on a 3rd-party customizable platform with more than 2,000 users. Ultimately, it was not the right fit for me or you. 

But in that 5 years, no code tools and my own skills have greatly improved. I’m now able to build a directory that is available on browsers and mobile, free to use and without an account, and something that will lead you to LGBTQ+ friendly and competent healthcare. 

So, I want to thank you for your patience and sticking with QSPACES. This couldn’t and wouldn’t happen without your support and engagement.

take care, 

7 June 2021